I didn’t think I would be a football mom but…


I didn’t think I would be a football mom…a cheerleading mom yes, but not football. I don’t like football. But, having a son in football changes things. Watching him play, encourages me to learn more of this super hyped up sport. At practices I would sit and watch and notice things he needed to work on. While I think he is the best player out there (I am his mom after all) I can see he still has a lot to learn. But he is learning, and he is really good. He is a great and I mean great, defensive player. He finds the player with the ball and he grabs their flag and ends their play. So tonight, watching him play, I was super engaged. It didn’t matter to me that it was raining, I was out there yelling, “Go Jude, go Jude, RUNNNNN!!!” It’s funny, parents truly don’t care how they look when they are on the sidelines cheering for their kids. Now, I can see what “the fuss” is about its really fun!!! My little boy even made a touchdown! He was so happy and I was the loudest (or I felt like I was) mom out there. Everyone knew his name:) His first game ended in a victory and we are so proud. He loved having his Wela and Welo there supporting and cheering him. But something that speaks volumes is having his daddy, Stephen, out on the field with him. Not many dads would be standing in the rain coaching 5-7 year olds simple plays, but my Shaker husband was out there. Teaching him and directing him, and even physically moving him to the right spot. Wow, we are breaking generational curses here. The gift of time that Stephen is giving Jude is more valuable than any video game, theme park, or toy. It got me thinking of how God loves us so much. He teaches, points out paths we should go, but sometimes has to physically move us to help us succeed. IMG_3162

This is his first sport he has played. He played soccer when he was 3, so I technically don’t count that, because they didn’t have any games. But we didn’t put him into something right away. We waited, even though he wanted to do something. We wanted him to be old enough to learn and we knew when he would be ready. Each child is different and that is where parenting comes in. Stephen and I talked about it and decided a long time ago that we are going to let Jude try different things. He’s not just going to try football and focus all of our efforts there. We want to let him try as much as he can and then he and we can see what he is good at and enjoys. Most importantly, we want him to have fun. There are going to be times, when he isn’t going to be the best, but if he has fun and is learning something, we are going to encourage him. There is something to be said about people that do something with all their heart. That is where the passion comes through. You can’t teach passion, its something that is inside.

Standing there tonight, watching him and the other adorable boys I was enjoying being a football mom.



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